Eliminating the Electoral College will ensure the Democrats win all elections going forward.

It isn’t difficult to understand why the Democrats are pushing so hard to eliminate the electoral college in the US. The electoral college ensures mob rule does not exist and everyone is represented. Democrats currently outnumber Republicans in the US and always have from any of the statistics that I can find. The Democratic Party is also the older of the two parties. Of course they want to eliminate the electoral college. Boom! Every election is theirs until they implode on themselves. We are no longer a republic if the electoral college is eliminated. We are mob rule. The rule of the Democratic Party. How on earth can anyone possibly believe that is a good idea? The demographics of the two parties are hugely different. The Democrats hold the heavily populated coastal cities. The Republicans hold the southern and midwestern states. The geographical demographic alone should tell anyone with any common sense whatsoever, that these two groups are hugely different in their economic, social, and cultural needs/priorities. These two groups will never realistically prioritize their day to day lives in the same way. Keeping a two party system is good for everyone. More people and more demographics share representation in our government. One political party geographically concentrated in a few areas in no way represents the needs of our entire country. Americans won’t willingly allow their voices to be silenced. The Democrats would implode as a political party from infighting for power or we would become a socialist/communist country very quickly. It’s not how our constitution was written. It’s not the type of government our constitution lays out for us. The 2nd Amendment was put into the constitution to protect us from a tyrannical government. It was not put into place for hunting or for government and police or military only to bear arms. It was put into place to protect us from the government and the military. The police are sworn to uphold the constitution as are the military and our government employees. What are people thinking who are supporting the elimination of the electoral college and removing firearms from the general population? Thankfully, even the democrats can’t get all the democrats on board with this nonsense. We need people from both parties to hold office in order to ensure everyone is represented. Representing everyone ensures a healthier country long term.


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