Glassy eyed shrieking banshees.

What exactly is going on in the US that the media, Hollywood and politics are filled with glassy eyed, shrieking banshees? You cannot have missed the look that I’m talking about. Round, bugged-out shiny eyes, sallow skin complexion, and so worked up they are shrieking instead of talking. I almost can’t watch anymore. But then, I find myself fascinated in the same way when someone says “smell how bad this is”, I go ahead and smell whatever it is. I am a rubbernecker going by a traffic accident. I don’t know what they’re shrieking about. Honestly, I am preoccupied with how sickly they appear. Is it drugs or stress? Both? Too many facelifts? Advanced syphilis or AIDS? A combination of everything? I don’t know. All I know is that I don’t hear anything they are trying to say. I can’t get past “the look”. And the shrieking. These are the people being chosen to speak for a cause, a political party, or a news station? Really? That’s the best you’ve got? Who can possibly take anything these people are saying as sound advice? I can’t.


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