One Rural County’s Solution to the Lunch Program

The federal school lunch program is awful. There is just no getting around how inedible the food really is. In the heart of cattle country, school kids and teachers are once again enjoying healthy food that also tastes good.

The local Farm Bureau, Cattleman’s Association, and meat locker developed a partnership with two local school districts to source local beef into the school lunch program. Local producer’s are donating beef from their own herds. The locker plant, which is USDA inspected, is processing the beef at a discounted rate. The Cattleman’s Association is paying 10 percent of the processing fees. The Farm Bureau is donating money to both schools to help with processing fees. There are no restrictions on how the two schools can use the beef. The beef can be used for lunches, concession stands, and/or school events.

The biggest take away for me about this program is that when communities choose to make kids and schools a priority, there isn’t much that cannot be accomplished.


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