Angry People

Are there really angry people everywhere? If I spend anytime watching or reading news or on the internet, it appears everyone is angry. Is everyone angry or are we only viewing sensationalized nonsense designed to manipulate our emotions for ratings and profit? Politicians manipulate our emotions of fear and anger to ensure our votes. Pharmaceutical companies manipulate our fear of death and illness to get us to buy their products. Weight loss and fitness businesses manipulate our fear of being unhealthy and unattractive to sell their products and programs. Fashion manipulates our insecurity of not being the most attractive or trendy in order to sell makeup, perfume, clothing, and accessories. Home improvement manipulates our insecurity of not having the latest trend in our kitchen or bathroom. If we don’t have the latest trend, we are not part of the in crowd and our home is worth less money. The list is endless. We are emotionally manipulated everyday of our lives from the time we get up in the morning until the time we go to bed at night. FYI, are you sleeping on the best mattress? If not, it could be affecting your health. It’s ridiculous.

Our current culture in the United States is really pretty awful. Yes, we do have angry people everywhere. Most people don’t even know why they are angry or what specifically they are angry about. People are just angry and fed up. I have my days when I hit that point. We are quite possibly the most emotionally insecure people on the planet with the lowest self esteem.

My own personal observation is, people fall into two categories when dealing with emotional manipulation from any source.

People who buy into the manipulation.

First, a person has to realize that they are even being emotionally manipulated. We don’t always recognize manipulation for what it is. If we don’t recognize manipulation as manipulation, our self esteem drops and we become completely insecure. We respond by being fearful and incapable of our own decision making. We must see what the neighbors, friends, and trendy people are doing before we decide what we do, or think, or feel, or believe. We have to see if everyone agrees with our opinion. We have to see if everyone likes our page or post. We become followers. We become sheep. We stop listening to anyone who does not share and agree with our opinion. The possibility of our own opinion being incorrect is too big of a blow to our self esteem to even contemplate. We want to be told what to do. We become defensive and insulting to anyone who doesn’t share our viewpoint because it’s a personal threat to our own self esteem and self worth. The anger and insults aren’t even about the differing viewpoint. They’re about our own insecurity of even the possibility of being wrong. If there is a viewpoint other than our own, it has to be wrong. It cannot have any merit whatsoever or that makes us less. This group is throughout our culture from the far left to the far religious right. It is in all demographics.

People who resist emotional manipulations.

The second group of people, respond to manipulation with anger and aggression straight out of the gate. We immediately see manipulation for exactly what it is. We will fight you to the bitter end because we don’t like you and your manipulative tactics. We aren’t going to do whatever it is you want us to do even if it is the best decision. Sometimes we are manipulated through our own responses. It’s basically reverse psychology. For instance, if you tell a Trump supporter they can’t wear a MAGA hat to an event, at least one of them will. If you tell us that we have to eat at MacDonald’s, we will be across the street at Wendy’s. If you know how to manage us, you can manipulate us fairly easily. We belong to both political parties and all demographics also. I used the MAGA hat because it was an easy example. This group has held onto it’s self esteem and is not afraid to go against the grain and make their own decisions. We don’t care what your opinion is nor do we intend to follow anyone. Constant manipulation keeps us angry and aggressive. We are in attack mode.

We are all manipulated everyday by someone or something in our life whether we realize it or not. Our downfall lies in allowing the negative manipulations to be the norm. Our downfall lies in allowing ourselves to base our self worth on someone else’s opinion or view of ourselves. Truly, other people’s opinions of one’s self should be irrelevant. Happiness comes from inside ourselves.

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