Am I the ONLY one who sees the irony in white men saying they are tired of being blamed for everything? They are not responsible.

OK, I get it. A lot of you are doing what you are supposed to be doing. You are dealing with years of built up hate and resentment from all sides and you don’t deserve it. But, are you calling out your fellow men who are not? Those men only listen to other men. To those of you who are, please keep swimming upstream and continue doing so. We thank you. You are responsible and accountable for your own actions. We appreciate you. To the rest of you….

White men aren’t responsible for:

Slavery in America

Not allowing women to own property without a fight

Not allowing women to vote without a fight

Not allowing women to work outside the home without a fight

Birth control

Raising children

Paying child support

Paying bills


Beating your wives and children for years while the church and yourselves did not allow or enable divorce

Beating your girlfriends




Sex trafficking

How many serial killers are white men?

Not allowing women to have bank accounts, credit cards, or loans

Not allowing women to read or be educated

Preventing the spread of STDs

Denying you can rape your wife in all states until the 1990s

Not cheating on your wife or girlfriend with prostitutes and other women

Denying lust, adultery, and promiscuity are as much a sin for men as for women

Denying women the right to defend herself against an abusive husband when he tries to murder her

Women and other ethnic groups besides white people bear responsibility too for a few of the things on this list, but SOME white men have never born any. And that’s the problem. You aren’t actually responsible for anything. You’re irresponsible and unaccountable. You’re right. I agree with you. You are responsible for NOTHING. You don’t even think Adam was accountable to God for CHOOSING to take the apple from Eve. She made him do it. He had no free will. She sat on him and forced it into his mouth. The reality is that white men wrote ALL the laws in this country up until the last few decades. I agree. Life was better for white men up until the last few decades. It’s unfortunate but true. Families and society in general benefit from happy, healthy marriages. Happy, healthy marriages do not stem from elevating white men above everyone else. It’s unfortunate that the rest of us had to fight for our rights for years after the constitution was written. We still have to fight to keep our rights. Some members of the religious right are still insisting women are not supposed to work outside of the home. The bible talks about women working in the fields alongside her husband. I’m pretty sure that field was the equivalent of a modern day job and it was outside the house. Normally, fields are outside the home.

I want to be extremely clear on a few points here. There are a lot of white men doing what they’re supposed to be doing. People need to stop attacking them. The people living today are not responsible for what their ancestors did or did not do. We are responsible for learning our history. We are responsible for not repeating it and for understanding how we got to the place we are right now. When white men ask why they get blamed for everything, it’s because from a historical perspective white men were responsible for the bulk of denying other’s rights in the US. The Constitution of the United States gave white men inalienable rights. The rest of us had to keep fighting to be included in those inalienable rights. Denying history does not change history. We need to move forward and do what is healthy for everyone in our country instead of one group of people. We all need to take responsibility for our own choices and actions. In truth, without white men from the very beginning of our country fighting for the rest of us, we would probably not have the rights we currently enjoy.

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