What is the US moral obligation towards another country?

The US cannot fix the world nor does most of the world want the US to impose our beliefs onto their culture. What and how another country chooses to govern themselves and live is not our business. It’s not our country. It’s not our business as a general rule.

When should we and other countries make exceptions?

Threatening World Peace. If another country is endangering countries around them and threatening world peace, their choices are affecting others. Others will, of course, become involved. Why would anyone expect anything different? Everything has moved onto a world stage and what is best for the world as a whole at that point.

Natural Disasters. I don’t care what country you are or what your beliefs are. If you have suffered from a natural disaster and need outside aid, anyone with the ability should help you.

Health Crises. If another country is being ravaged by a disease for example and asks for aid, you should give aid if you are able.

Ally Requesting Aid. If one of your allies need and asks for military aid, as your ally, you do have some obligation to them. Sometimes your obligation can be fulfilled by showing military presence on a base or border. Sometimes your obligation can be fulfilled by enacting sanctions onto your ally’s enemy. Sometimes your obligations can be fulfilled through negotiating treaties and trade agreements between other countries. Your options vary according to the exact circumstances.

Genocide and Terrorism. As human beings, we do have a moral obligation to combat genocide and terrorism when possible. Sometimes, it truly is not possible or we have to combat it indirectly through education, assistance in evacuating areas, or the offer of accepting refugees. Morally, it is not ok to sit and watch a terrorist group or government commit genocide or engage in terrorist activities if we can in anyway prevent the activity or discourage the activity in anyway. If we can end terrorist activity or genocide by addressing it at the source, that’s an actual solution and end to the problem. That’s a better long-term solution than merely allowing an unending inflow of refugees. Unfortunately, it’s sometimes hard to see exactly who is the real terrorist group. Sometimes it’s two or more terrorist groups fighting each other. If we enter another country or region even when asked, we do need to respect the people and government of that country. We shouldn’t leave them with more problems than they had before we arrived. I personally think the US has on many occasions done more harm than good in the middle east. I personally would like to never send our military to that region of the world ever again. I personally believe that will not happen. I absolutely do understand that we have blown parts of the middle east to the ground and then left them to rebuild their property and their lives. I have no doubt that our own military has not always behaved as it should towards people in the middle east. Our military is made up of individual people. Individuals do not always make correct choices.

I am not interested in having a war. I do believe we need to hold terrorists and dictators committing genocide or inhumane acts towards their own people in check when possible. I do believe we need to combat terrorism without becoming the terrorists ourselves. The truth is that in many parts of the world there is limited factual information they allow the outside world to see. We do not always know the real situation in another part of the world as an American citizen. I am sure we receive inaccurate and biased information on a regular basis. Or we receive no information whatsoever. We receive bad information as to what is going on in our own country. How can it possibly be accurate about another country? It isn’t. I feel badly for the people who are living in areas torn by religious strife, terrorism and dictators who do not care for their well being. There are many innocent people throughout the world living amongst circumstances they did not create, cannot change, cannot escape, and do not support. They get up every morning and do the best they can to take care of themselves and their families. They do the things they must in order to survive. They are very strong people and should be respected and not underestimated.

The United States is a wealthy country with expansive resources. Our resources are not unlimited. But, we do have resources at our disposal many other countries do not have. I believe that with those resources and the influence in the world those resources provide us, we have moral obligations other countries do not necessarily have. Realistically, we can provide assistance and bring change when other countries may not be able to. Are there other countries who share these obligations? Absolutely! Should we consult with other countries when possible to bring change and assistance to other regions of the world? Absolutely! Do we benefit from alliances with other countries? Absolutely! Should we promote peace and mutually beneficial trade agreements and treaties for everyone when possible? Absolutely!


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