Democrats Are Going to Lose the Next US Presidential Election

During the 2016 election, I said from day one that Trump was going to win. The media and the Democrats spat out poll after poll about how he did not stand a chance. Once he won, they never have understood why. So, it must be the Russians. OK, in America, I grew up in the 1980s. Russia was the threat. I am sorry but this has literally made me laugh for 3 years. Russia, Russia, Russia… If it’s not the Russians, then it must be hate, racism, bigotry etc. They still will not entertain the idea that maybe there were and are valid reasons to vote for Trump that do not involve something sinister. It just cannot be. Yes, it actually can be. This is going to cost you the next election too. Until you learn why you really lost, you won’t win.

Bloomberg and his ridiculous statement he made in response to the Texas church shooting embodies why you lost. In six seconds or less, a shooter shot two people in a church in Texas and an armed church member shot the shooter and killed him. The video is online from the church. In it, you will also see several other church members stand up and approach the shooter with their guns. The shooter was not legally supposed to have a gun, but he did. He was reportedly mad at the church for not giving him money. His goal was to kill as many people in that church as he could. Bloomberg’s response was that only police and law enforcement should own guns. What many of us who are not stupidly wealthy Hollywood actors, businessmen and politicians (who have big fences around their homes and have private or government security guards), heard, is “screw you average American citizen.” You can wait on the government to come and remove the dead. You are not a member of the elite. As for your constitutional right, I don’t think you should have that right. Well, Bloomberg, that isn’t up to you. You don’t get to remove a constitutional right. What this elitist piece of garbage should have said is, “thank you” to the person who took out the shooter before he could kill many more people.

What people see on the media day in and day out are Hollywood actors (we pay you to entertain us), sensationalized misleading news about what Americans think, and elitist politicians. Most things covered by the media are in New York, LA, San Francisco, Hollywood, Washington DC, or an extremely liberal coastal town. This is what the politicians in the Democratic Party and the media believe represent the US. HOW MANY SQUARE MILES are in the US? 3,796,742 square miles. That’s how many. Rarely is anything covered in the US outside of those very small areas unless it’s derogatory. New York City is 468.9 sq. miles. 165.6 of those square miles are WATER. New York City in no way speaks for the rest of the US. That is ludicrous at best, and just pompous assed bullshit if you’re honest. Yes, we can actually read. Yes, we are actually educated. We do realize that there is Wall Street, heads of corporations, etc. in New York City. You apparently do not realize that YOU would not exist were it not for the rest of the country. We also realize that it’s the elitists in New York City who are the problem and not the everyday working people who live in New York City. If New York City and the entire state of California fell into the ocean, the rest of the United States would be just fine. Yep, we really would. If any state fell into the ocean, the rest of the US would be just fine. No one state is that important. Are you aware that Bill and Hillary Clinton are from Arkansas? Are you aware that Elizabeth Warren grew up in Oklahoma? I guess not. Well, they are and they did.

The 2016 election I wasn’t even sure what the Democrats were running on other than the following: if you’re not from one of our large enlightened liberal areas then you are uneducated and stupid; if you do not agree with us you are uneducated, stupid and deplorable; if you disagree with our view then you are a misogynist, racist, bigot who hates the LGBT community. My favorite was vote for Hillary because she is a woman and it’s her turn. Was that a joke? There is no “turn”. I don’t vote according to sex or gender. In short, your platform was to vote for the Democratic party and show how educated and enlightened you are. That may not have been the message that you thought you ran on, but it was to anyone who voted for Trump. That is nothing but grade school bullying behavior. That is not a political platform. That is not a budget plan. That is not a health plan. That is not an employment plan. That’s just manipulative hate. Those of us who have jobs and have bills to pay and kids to raise want something real and not emotional to vote for or against. Trump travelled across America and ASKED people what they thought and what they wanted. For the most part he has delivered or at least tried to deliver. His bedside manner lacks a lot to be desired. Personally, I think his tweeting is a little out of control. We voted for him because he was not a politician. We voted for him because he was outside of the political loop. We voted for him because he had no loyalty to special interest groups. He is a businessman who had an actual plan. He asked people what they wanted. He didn’t ask just New York and Hollywood what they want. We don’t worship him. We don’t think he is perfect. We think we want the rest of the US to be represented. You won’t represent anyone except your little small areas or your special interest groups with lobbyists who pay you huge sums of money. You could not care less what happens to the average working American. Your biggest concern is disarming us. I seriously have to question your motives on that one.

The large geographical area of the US with the diversity that we have in land, culture, and business is why we have an electoral college and why we are a republic and not a straight democracy. The electoral college is set up to represent all of the diversity in the US. It prevents a few highly populated locations from imposing what is best just for their area on the rest of the US. The Democrats would like to eliminate the electoral college. Well, of course you do. The popular vote does not win the Presidential election. The electoral college votes decide the election. The rest of America will fight you on removing the electoral college. Your reason for wanting it removed is more than transparent. The rest of the United States would not be represented at all if the electoral college were removed.

Aside from wanting to remove the electoral college, wanting to remove the 2nd amendment, and wanting to become a socialist country, what platform are any of your current presidential candidates running on? I am against all three of those things. All three are deal breakers. They are for the majority of republicans. I am voting for Trump. He is the only option. Apparently, that makes me an LGBTQ hater. I have no idea how that makes me an LGBTQ hater, but apparently it does. Nor do I have any idea how that makes me racist or a misogynist. Please do not tell my mixed raced son or his republican African American father who is also a Trump voter. Do you even see the problem yet????? You haven’t in three years. You have no idea why you lost in 2016. You are going to lose again.

And FYI, I don’t think I even know any Democrats who don’t personally own guns and have zero intention of ever turning them in. Most people register one to turn in if the shit hits the fan, and 2-10 more to keep. Or they don’t register any of their guns. No, it is not 3 percent of the population who owns all of the guns and you know better than that. Stop trying to sell that statistic. No one believes it. There were over 200,000 FBI background checks completed for new gun purchasers for Black Friday alone. Seriously, even the Democrats don’t support eliminating the 2nd amendment if you leave your bubble areas of the country. You’re just going to have to try and erode the amendment gradually so people don’t notice that they’re giving that right away.

The people who voted for Trump in 2016 are going to vote for Trump in 2020. You do not have a candidate that represents anyone but the far left. You do not have a candidate who represents a moderate Democrat.


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