New Year’s Resolutions. Nope, Nope, Nope

Every year people all over the world come up with New Year’s resolutions. They are supposed to be positive changes we wish to make in our lives. They are supposed to help us set goals we can achieve. As a child, I remember having to write a list of 10 resolutions in school for the New Year. In theory, this is a great tradition. Reflecting on what we can improve in ourselves and our lives then setting goals to achieve these changes sounds like a great idea. Except it rarely works and usually leads to disappointment. If you really want to make changes and set goals, you do that all year throughout the year, everyday of your life. New Year’s resolutions aren’t even a great lesson for children. We have them make a list and set goals. We don’t teach them how to achieve the goal or make a plan with measurable results. We set them up for failure. We set ourselves up for failure. I have refused to participate in this nonsense for years. This year, I’m doing something different. I’m posting the New Year’s resolutions others might expect of me. Then I’m posting the real life everyday goals\resolutions I actually do have.

Expected New Year’s Resolutions:

1. Quit smoking. 2. Save money. 3. Eat healthier. 4. Exercise. 5. Go to church every Sunday.

Actual New Year’s Resolutions:

1. Raise my son. 2. Enjoy my life. 3. Keep working on my house. 4. Be myself, even if other people don’t approve or understand. 5. Be supportive of my friends and neighbors.

My New Year’s Resolutions are as always, my life philosophies. I hope everyone has a Happy New Year this week and comes up with resolutions that work for them.


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