Mazikeen. My favorite female tv show character EVER!

I enjoy the tv show Lucifer. It’s one of my favorite shows. I am happy they decided to do a fifth season which is supposed to be a series finale. I am not happy it’s a series finale. Of course I like Lucifer, but Mazikeen (Maze)….I love her.

Mazikeen or Maze as her friends call her, is the demon who helped Lucifer torture people in hell. Mazikeen left hell to find Lucifer when he decided to come to Earth for a vacation from running hell. Maze is loyal, determined, sexual, edgy, smart, hot, can beat anyone in a physical fight, trained in how to use weapons, and she totally beats to her own drum. She could not care less what anyone thinks about her and yet she seeks validation on occasion from those around her. She lives in the moment strictly for her own pleasure and satisfaction, but she is the first to defend her friends. She has your back. If you cross her, she will kill you. She is complete darkness and yet she has moral attributes that are better than the characters who are supposed to be moral. She is a bagful of contradictions. She is my favorite. More Mazikeen, less June Cleaver please.


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