AI. The Sex trade industry is the perfect market for human testing. The medical industry is closely monitored whereas the sex trade industry is not.

Stephen Hawking made the following two statements about AI: “AI is likely to be either the best or worst thing that happened to humanity.” and “The development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race.”

Elon Musk has also verbalized concerns over AI. His concern is that AI will outpace humans and we will not be able to compete. Elon Musk arose seemingly overnight out of South Africa from an unknown to a world leader in his field and a billionaire. My gut instinct tells me that he is nothing but a pawn of a larger financial backer or backers. I do not entirely trust anything he says or does, but on this I agree with him.

I attempted to have conversations with a number of people when the Sex bots first hit the news and became available. Most people’s responses were OMG that’s the sex trade industry, I’m not interested in even talking about that. Well, you should be, because it’s not and never was about the sex trade industry. The medical industry has been working on robotics and AI for medical uses for years. It is highly regulated and has many limitations as far as research is concerned. The military has also been working on AI for military uses for years. It also has limitations but fewer than the medical industry. The sex trade industry has volunteer guinea pigs and little regulation. It is the natural step in research for AI and neurotransmission. It puts AI into households by meeting human’s baser instincts in a nonthreatening manner.

Neurotransmission of oxytocin, endorphins, and dopamine occur during sex and orgasms. Sex bots are perfect for research into AI and neurotransmission. Currently, AI research is developing brain implants that work through neurotransmission. It completely escapes me as to why this isn’t obvious to the general population and frontpage news. It’s a natural research test study group. A study group who is willing to spend their own money to finance the research. A study group who is gaining nothing but positive physical responses from the research. A study group who will probably not sue anyone if something goes wrong and they embarrassingly end up in an emergency room. Anything minor can easily be settled out of court. Brain implants are the next step with the sex bots and new sex toys in development. There are already new sex toys in development involving neurotransmitters. The implant is of course marketed as a way to communicate directly with your sex bot or toy without needing to speak voice commands. It will be able to respond to your wants and needs as you physically have them.

Neurotransmissions are not always pleasurable or positive. When we can control the pleasurable and positive, we will also be able to control the negative. That’s the final step. Everyone should be more than a little concerned at the rate of the scientific development when it comes to AI and brain implants and the lack of any government regulations on new technology. As a society, we cannot even handle the internet without major societal and cultural issues. Give us AI and brain implants controlling neurotransmission? That’s a little scary to me. People should be more concerned with this topic than any impeachment of President Trump. This should be on the forefront of news. It is the capacity to do wonders as far as assisting with the disabled but also the potential to have scientific mind control within our grasp. It impacts our very near future as a human race far more than President Trump or climate change or any number of other distractions on the news at present. Hitler used the equivalent of methamphetamine on his armies to conquer huge areas. Imagine what Hitler could have done had he had AI and brain implants controlling neurotransmitters. We would all be speaking German right now. We need to pay attention to what is gong on in this area of research and development, especially in the sex trade industry.

As I sit here and write this, I feel like a conspiracy theorist, but hey, the writing is on the wall if we open our eyes and look.


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