Good men and women exist throughout the world. Hate and censorship are not the answer.

Most of us who spend anytime at all online, on occasion, read comments, stories and posts that make us want to reach through the phone or computer and choke out the writer. You know what? That’s ok. That means people are challenging our own private echo chambers and by default making us think. A lot of times, we are guilty of getting defensive and/or angry. Sometimes we get defensive because on some level we identified with whatever was written or said. We don’t like how it makes us look or we are reacting to something that has happened to us personally. We were inadvertently forced to look at our own behavior and maybe we didn’t like what we saw. None of us are perfect. We all view life from our own personal circumstances, experiences, and available choices for our future. When we vote for politicians, we vote for the ones who will benefit ourselves and our beliefs the most. If you have kids, that might make you vote differently than someone without kids, for example.

There are many really good men and women in the world of various religious faiths or none, from different countries, and from different income levels who are all treating their wives, girlfriends, children, husbands, boyfriends, and neighbors with respect, caring, and courtesy. They behave the way we are supposed to behave. They don’t always agree with each other on their life views or how to do things in general, but they respect other views and opinions. They respect other people. They respect themselves.

I have never, nor will I ever support censorship of another’s point of view. That is nothing but a stagnant society. It does not support growth of any kind. Historically, it ends in war and bloodshed. No one can force their opinion or point of view on another person. You might be able to temporarily control their behavior through government regulations, getting them fired from their job, or trying to make them be a social outcast. You haven’t eliminated the opposing viewpoint. It’s not going away through force. Riots, wars and social movements stem from oppressing any group of people.

Anytime one group of people is trying to oppress or hate another group of people, I am automatically against the oppressor. Even if I agree with their basic belief, I am against the oppressor. Oppressing anyone or group is unacceptable. It is a bad road to go down and never ends well. I disagree with hating men, women, children, religious, non-religious, ethnic groups and LGBTQ groups. Hate won’t get you anywhere good. If you are a Christian, the Bible certainly does not teach hate.

Being a single mom living in the Bible belt, I write more about religion because it’s very much a part of life in this part of the country. The majority of the men where I live are very traditional farmers. Most of them would bend over backwards for just about anyone in need. They’re pretty good people where I live. I wouldn’t have moved back here to raise my son if that were not the case. There are great role models for my son living all around us where we live. Men here understand women can open a door, change a flat tire, or drive the tractor. They open doors etc. out of common courtesy and respect not because they think a women can’t do it. Most of these men are at school events supporting their daughters with the same enthusiasm with which they support their sons. Most of these men want their daughters to go to college or have some type of education or training so that they can accomplish things in their lives and take care of themselves. I know quite a few very successful women from the area in which I live. Their fathers supported their education and success as much as their mothers. The women where I live are out hunting, fishing and farming alongside their husbands. Do I get irritated when I am online reading comment after comment of how women need to be quiet, stay home, and raise their children? Yes, I do. Christian MEN taught me better. I absolutely will call you out on that nonsense. Christian MEN taught me to expect to be treated with respect by men, not to tolerate bad behavior from men, and to take care of each other. As for traditional Christian marriages where the man is the head of the household, if you are two living as one taking care of each other and each other’s needs, does it even matter who is in control? The husband is supposed to place his wife’s needs before his own anyway. The goal is a healthy union between two people who are now one and not two. Good Lord, find something else to fight about. Marry the person who makes you happy. Stay single if that makes you happy. Surround yourself with positive influences for YOU!


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