You cannot force someone to be attracted to you regardless of sex or gender.

I am sure most people have seen the news stories floating around about transgender people claiming transphobia after their date realizes they have male and female genitalia. Reality bites sometimes. You cannot force someone to be sexually attracted to you. I don’t care if you are LGBTQ or heterosexual. We are attracted to what and who we are attracted too. No lawsuit or societal education can change this basic fact of human nature. Why do you think you can’t make gay people straight? You can’t make straight people gay or bisexual either. That highway goes both ways. Basic human attraction does not change because you want it to change.

I have to ask why you thought it was okay to lie by withholding information about yourself and misrepresenting yourself until you started undressing or were on a date intended to lead to sexual intimacy? Honesty would have avoided the entire scenario. Did you think they would love you so much after online chatting and a date or two that they would become bisexual or gay or transgender? You are expecting that straight man to have sex with a person with a penis? He is straight. He isn’t attracted to a penis. Do you truly believe you are female or male sex when you have both genitalia? Do you think a straight woman is going to be attracted to a man with a vagina and uterus? She is straight. I think the problem is that you have changed the gender in which you represent yourself and convinced yourself that your actual physical body was irrelevant. If your genitalia were irrelevant, then why did you try and change them? You know they are not irrelevant. You argued that gender and the sex you were born as are two different things. OK. Sex is about sex and not the gender you are presenting to the public. Sexual attraction involves genitalia. Sex involves the actual genitalia on the human body. Sex is physical. Sex is what you can see, feel, smell and touch.

Let’s be honest about reality for a minute. I know straight women who couldn’t have sex with a man because he had enough back hair to be a gorilla. Complete turn off for some women. Some women love hairy men. Want to talk about men with a curved penis when erect? Women will run from that too sometimes. I know straight men who couldn’t have sex with a woman because she had too much body hair or was shaved or had something pierced someplace he couldn’t deal with. Sex and sexual attraction are visual and tactile for most people. Sexual attraction is also about smell. For some people, how someone smells is a huge turn on or turn off. Some people like perfume or cologne. Some people prefer the actual human scent of a person. Hormones and sexual genitalia affect how people smell. It’s a really big deal for a lot of people. Forcing someone to have sex with you is called rape. You cannot force anyone to have sex with you because you want to be accepted and seen as whatever gender you choose. Life does not work the way we want it to work. We have to accept our own reality and our life choices. I don’t care what gender or sex you are or combination thereof. Not everyone will be attracted to you. That person is not for you. Move on to someone who is for you.

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