Is there an award or contest for least romantic female on the planet? That is a competition I can win…..but who orders the food?

I know that women are conditioned to believe men become attractive by buying us flowers, candle light dinner, and gifts. Ugly men started that brain washing centuries ago. There is no other explanation I can find. If I do not find you sexually attractive and have chemistry with you from day one, sorry, but it is literally never going to happen. Give it up. I appreciate things others do for me, male or female. It doesn’t make me sexually attracted to you as a man anymore than it would a woman. Using that theory of attraction, why would anyone date just men or just women?

I am allergic to perfume and scented pretty much anything including flowers. Save your money.

I am generally not a wearer of jewelry. If I do feel like jewelry, I am extremely picky. Best for you not to even try and pick that out for me. I dated a guy for a year who bought me a black faced, silver Movado watch for Christmas. It has more of a heavy bracelet look to it with a clasp. The jewelry store sized the band for me. Don’t get too excited. He bought himself one too. No, they were not matching watches. He bought one for me that he thought I would like. I still have that watch. He figured out I like expensive leather too. I still have and wear a couple of pairs of leather boots he bought for me too.

I don’t like to go shopping. I worked retail for years. Why would I voluntarily spend my spare time shopping? That’s insane. I only get preoccupied that you need to remerchandise your store or face your shelves. No, don’t make me go shopping. You will only have regrets. I understand shopping isn’t supposed to be romantic. I threw this in here because it goes hand in hand with what women are told they want and enjoy. Men just assume we all love shopping. We don’t.

Candle light dinner? That’s about the only traditional romantic thing you might get me to do on occasion. I like food. I like wine. I like tequila. I like whiskey. Ok, then. Don’t decide what I want to eat and drink. That will get you dead. Yes, go ahead and order for me if we are in a nice restaurant. I consider that the mannerly thing to do and take it as it is intended as long as you asked me what I wanted first. There is a difference between telling me what I want to eat and placing the order for me. A huge difference. One is showing respect and the other is controlling and demeaning. Restaurants give a copy of the menu to the woman for a reason. Nice restaurants give a copy of the menu to the woman without prices because the man is paying. This way she can order what she likes without worrying about cost. He places the order because you may have just spent his last dime and he is paying. He can then order his own food, appetizer’s etc. based on how much money he has available to spend. He might choose to add on a nice drink or bottle of wine. You, as the lady and guest, do not have to worry about anything. You merely tell him what you would like to have. Feminists, there is absolutely nothing wrong with allowing a man to show you some respect. Mister Movado used to take me to those restaurants fairly frequently. I have no idea what he spent most of the time we ate or went out. I have to say that was quite nice. I appreciated that on a whole other level. Our dates were never about how much money he spent on me. He would never have told me had I asked. If you date someone very long, you can sometimes order for them because you already know what they’re going to choose. That is also an entirely different scenario. No, I don’t order the most expensive thing on the menu. Unless it’s steak. Then I might. I would say to any millennial women out there dating a man under 40, to not jump to any conclusions if a man orders your food without asking what you might like first. That’s a traditional dating practice that a lot of younger men and women don’t really understand. It’s meant to show respect and not control. Men don’t always know exactly how they’re supposed to go about ordering for a woman. Cut him some slack if he is trying. Have a conversation. He maybe a keeper.

I equate girl and romantic movies with the slow, tortured death of my soul. I can either barely stay awake or I want to bash my head against a wall to please make the stupid stop. If you want to watch one, that’s fine. Call me when it’s over. No, I can force myself through one every now and then if I absolutely have too. I have to really like you in order to endure the torture though. I mean really like you a lot.

Ok so I may not be the least romantic person in the world, but I am certainly not the most romantic. What I have discovered over the years is that romantic people are romantic because they want attention. Look at the flowers I bought you. Look at the jewelry I bought you. It turns into what they did and has nothing to do with being romantic. It’s not for you. It’s attention for them. Complete turnoff on every level. The reason I appreciated and still have the Movado watch is that it was purchased for me according to what I like. That’s an actual gift.


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