Where Are the Alpha/Beta Males? I Want One of Them.

Yes, I want a man who can step up and be an Alpha if he needs to but is confident enough to be a Beta about 80 percent of the time. I’ve met a few in my lifetime. I’ve dated a couple. I know they exist. Other men will tell you this guy is an Alpha, but he is not. This guy is only an Alpha around a group of men or when confronted by a true Alpha. This guy usually has at least as many actual female friends as he does male friends. Why? Because he isn’t really an Alpha. He just has the ability to step up and be one when needed. He probably likes sports and guy stuff, but he isn’t really an Alpha at heart.

Alpha males do a lot of chest beating, posturing, I’m in charge, look at me, me, me, me, me, me, me egotistical nonsense. They tend to be self centered and insecure. Their entire self image is formed from others opinions about how wonderful they are. They have to be in control. They cannot be wrong. They cannot be equal or less in anything to anyone. They have to have constant adoration. They’re extremely high maintenance. They are the only one who actually matters. They are arrogant. They usually go through women like water which impresses their male friends. They never date anyone without having a list of backups on their phone or dating site etc. Their ego is too fragile to be single and alone. They cheat on their wives when they get married. It’s always surprising to me how other men and a lot of women are completely convinced of the Alpha’s self assured confidence. It’s usually a load of crap. He’s not. He is actually less self confidant than a Beta in most respects. If you’re truly as self assured as the performance of an Alpha appears, you don’t actually need to put on the performance. You know you’re all that. You’ve got nothing to prove. And they are exactly the same if you have sex with them. Worst sex you will ever have is with an Alpha. I stopped doing that years ago. There’s just no point. They are all about themselves. They are not dateable. They are not doable. They do make good eye candy a lot of the time though. Women, if an Alpha is talking, texting, messaging you, he wants to have sex with you. Maybe now, maybe you’re the backup. You are not his friend. Alphas have zero use for actual female friends. If you’re dating an Alpha and he says another woman he is talking to is his friend, he is lying. She’s his backup or he’s dating her too.

Beta men are your best friend on every level. They will emotionally support you, encourage you, talk to you, hang out with you, or do the dishes for you. What the true Beta won’t do, except rarely, is ask out self confident women, which is unfortunate. They might be surprised. They don’t have the self confidence to challenge the Alpha for your attention and affection. They become your friend for life or run away. They do, however, have actual female friends that they are not necessarily attracted too. The Beta is the friend on the phone with the woman unhappily married to the alpha. The Beta usually causes the divorce. She would rather be with the Beta. Beta men know how to care about others. They know how to listen. Beta men instinctively know how to provide for women. Providing does not necessarily have anything to do with finances. Although Beta men are often really good at providing financially too. They were the science nerd in school who is now making tons of money. Beta men know how to have sex with a woman.

Of the two options, I choose the Alpha/Beta male. He is the only one who works for me.


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