Kansas: Where Shit and Fish Fall From the Sky. Maybe there is a reason Kansas is a flyover state.



I genuinely like the state of Kansas. It is truly a middle of the road state even though it is technically red. It’s a lot more liberal than the south. The residents are midwestern in their views rather than southern. Kansas was settled in 1812 by Europeans in Bonner Springs. Between 1830 and 1890, American Indian Tribes were resettled into Kansas. In 1854, the territory of Kansas was officially opened for white settlement. In 1861, Kansas became a state. After the civil war, Kansas passed the Homestead Act offering free land which encouraged settlement and offered jobs due to the railroads being built. Many African Americans left the south and settled areas of Kansas. It was an opportunity for a better life. Kansas was settled by people who were rejected or enslaved by others. The mindset of Kansas still reflects this. People in Kansas tend to want to be left alone and leave others alone unless you ask for help. Then they will certainly help you. Most people in Kansas are perfectly happy being a flyover state.

But REALLY KANSAS? There is happy to be a flyover state and there is scaring people away. I attached the links above to two news stories in Kansas. One is about a bird dropping a fish out of the sky and hitting a moving vehicle. I know this happens near lakes and oceans. Not in Kansas. The other story is about a drunk crop duster who dropped liquid fertilizer/manure on the city of El Dorado, including an outdoor wedding. People think Kansas is boring. Hah! If you only knew.


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