Crazy Donald and the Angry Swede

I am sorry, but these two are the best entertainment on the planet right now. They should have their own angry talk show and name it….Crazy Donald and the Angry Swede.

The Angry Swede came from a family of professional entertainers from what I have read. I have no idea if it’s true or not. I don’t care. Her parents could be dog groomers and I would still find her shenanigans entertaining. She is obviously reading from a script when she gives her dramatic performances. And that is what they are. Performances. I cannot take anything she says or does seriously because it’s so obviously rehearsed rhetoric designed to play on our emotions. She makes me laugh. I am aware that’s not the response the democrats are wanting to achieve. She’s a child being used for political gain. It’s laugh or get angry that they chose a child. I choose to find the humor in the situation. She probably deserves an Oscar or an Emmy award but she certainly doesn’t deserve any world peace award. She is performing. That is all. She is going to be filthy rich. Good for her.

Crazy Donald tweets off-the-cuff comments throughout the day designed to keep the democrats stirred up. He does it intentionally and he is very good at it. He tweets crazy comments which distract his political opponents with whatever subject he triggered them. Meanwhile, he is free to go work on something else while they are melting down. He merely has to add tweets throughout the day. It’s very effective and entertaining. He is playing on people’s emotions in exactly the same manner as the Angry Swede. Crazy Donald already had his shot at an Emmy or an Oscar when he had his show called The Apprentice. The Angry Swede wins the award by default.

AOC would make a great weekly guest on Crazy Donald and The Angry Swede. She too is nothing but a pawn reciting prewritten speeches and ideas.

I believe the entire world would watch this show daily if it were syndicated. It would be the number one television drama in the world. There would be new records set on viewership. Screw the Super Bowl in the US. The revenue from commercials on Crazy Donald and The Angry Swede would put it to shame. Consider the views on twitter Crazy Donald receives now. I propose we do this to pay off our national debt and fund social services for our country and throughout the world. We could keep track of revenue by country. It could be dispersed accordingly. Sadly, it’s both a better and more viable idea than what our politicians seem to be able to dream up.


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