The Religious Right Does Not Own a Patent on Values and Morals. When it comes to rape and abortion, I am not even sure they have morals.

I am so completely over the attitude that only the religious right has any values or morals. Only Republican Christians and Catholics know right from wrong. It’s completely untrue and insulting to a large portion of the world including religious Democrats. The arrogance needs to end. It’s not a pretty or accurate look.

There’s nothing moral about saying poor people don’t deserve healthcare. There’s nothing moral about saying rape victims should be forced to birth a rapist’s baby. Most states do not guarantee the father will not maintain parental rights of the baby even when convicted of rape. Sorry Republicans, for exposing your many lies involving rape and abortion, but adoption of that baby may not be an option. Oh my, you don’t want to let that little fact out of the bag do you? Your morality says the rape victim who is sometimes a minor child has to birth the baby, pay for the prenatal care, pay for the birth, pay for the raising of this child and sometimes, continue contact for the next 18 years with the rapist father. Usually, things like date rape are impossible to prove. You don’t care. You don’t even consider that pregnancy and childbirth very often cause permanent damage and health issues to the mother’s body. And sometimes, people cannot even have another child if the first birth went poorly. You believe this baby should be born even if the mother is 10 years old. What is wrong with you? Even Donald Trump called you out on that nonsense. Meanwhile, you continue to expect your wives and girlfriends to be on the birth control pill which can often have awful side affects because you don’t want to use a condom or have an outpatient vasectomy procedure. You say you believe life begins at conception. The birth control pill works in three ways, it prevents the egg from dropping down by preventing ovulation, it thickens the mucous on the cervix preventing the sperm from getting through, and as a last resort it prevents the fertilized egg from attaching to the uterine wall so that it can grow and survive. The definition of abortion is the fertilized egg must be attached to the uterine wall. Semantics. Your religion believes life begins at conception. That’s when the egg is fertilized and not when it attaches to the uterine wall. According to your own beliefs, you have abortions for years and don’t acknowledge they even happen. Yet you throw down all kinds of self righteous fits about it being murder 8 weeks later. Some women don’t even know they’re pregnant at 8 weeks, especially if they are taking the birth control pill. Sorry, it doesn’t always work. There’s nothing moral about requiring births then refusing financial and medical assistance to these women and children in order to raise them. Your morality requires the baby is born regardless of lasting irreparable harm to the mother and after that it’s not your problem. Well, it’s the rape victim’s problem isn’t it? Where exactly is your morality? I don’t believe you have any. Your morality says you are justified in killing someone who breaks into your home if you fear for your life. But then that’s you, a man, who could be the victim so it’s different. That’s the cold hard truth. According to the CDC, over 700-900 women die each year in the US during childbirth or childbirth related causes. Millions of women in the US have lasting permanent damage caused by childbirth including damaged pelvic floor muscles, needed repeated surgeries, permanent back pain, incontinence, and severe depression just to name a few. Your morality ends with forcing the birth of the child on a woman. Your morality does not include helping women with medical costs, time off work, or the inability to work due to the forced birth of a child. Nope, not your problem. Abortion has been around since pregnancy began. It’s not going to stop because you make it illegal. It will only kill more women. As will the abusive husband or boyfriend who intentionally gets his wife or girlfriend pregnant in order to control her and continue the abuse with the child. I am proabortion in some cases, because there is nothing moral about forcing a birth on a woman. I do not believe in abortion as a substitute for birth control. No, men, you really don’t get it. You just don’t.

There is nothing moral about going online and watching sex trafficked porn. There is nothing moral about purchasing a hooker. There is nothing moral about cheating on your wife. There is nothing moral about posting hateful comments on social media. There is nothing moral about having a phone full of nude pictures of women or men who are trying to get you to go out with them. There is nothing moral about preaching hatred towards any group including LGBTQ. Until you practice what you preach as a group, it’s probably not very convincing to say your group is the only one with morals and values. My father was an atheist until he was nearly 60 years old. He knew all of those things were wrong and didn’t do them. He didn’t require a book to tell him. People outside of your group know stealing, lying, cheating, murder etc. are wrong. Any thriving society figures out basic morals and values because they promote a healthy culture. Over 70 percent of the US identifies as some form of Christian or Catholic religion and yet none of us can say we have a healthy culture right now. Where exactly have your morals and values been? From appearances, I would say promoting the self interest and convenience of the men in our society. Stop claiming you are the only ones with morals. You are not.

Honestly, I am a Christian Republican who voted for Trump. I will vote for Trump again. I will however, continue to vote for many Democrat supported policies and social programs. Why? Because, it’s the moral thing to do. No, it isn’t just men who are prolife and in most cases, I am prolife. Nobody owns or controls my body but me. You don’t get to choose for me. You do not have my permission. Never will I vote prolife. This is one of the few topics that I am completely unyielding in my view. Don’t even go there. You won’t change my mind. I don’t see a distinction between forcing a woman to birth a baby and rape. There are people who are moral with values and immoral with zero values in both political parties. There are good men and women throughout the world in many different cultures with many different beliefs. There is no patent pending.


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