Chronotype Night Person


I am sharing the above link to an article about chronotypes and circadian sleep cycles because it’s a very interesting article and it references a chronotype acceptance movement. As if we don’t have enough movements all ready. Personally, my favorite is the bowel movement. But hey, if we have to add another movement, this is one I can definitely get onboard with. I’ll just say it. Morning people tend to be self righteous, arrogant assholes. There, I feel better. I don’t give a shit that you love the sunrise and are full of energy in the morning. I don’t give a shit that you are so arrogant that you think everyone should be like you. It works for you. Great. That doesn’t mean it works for everyone else. Shut the hell up already. I think the night sky is beautiful and the moon is gorgeous and fills me with peace. I think the night can be electrifying. I’ll start waking you up so you can share my experience. My chronotype is every bit as real as yours.

Chronotype type refers to when your natural circadian cycle occurs. It is genetic. It is hereditary. It doesn’t actually change even though we can learn to function during what society considers normal hours. We are not at our best working and being awake during those hours. Yes, we are exhausted. Yes, we can be cranky because we are exhausted. Your happy ass is bouncing in our face doing some type of morning cheer leading session. We respond in the same way that you would if we behaved like this towards you at 3am. Probably not very nicely. We are envisioning a variety of bloody slow deaths for you. Try being civil and normal instead of a loud hyperactive twat and you might receive a nicer response. We aren’t rude because you’re awake and happy. We are rude because you’re being obnoxious. I would be rude to you at 3am if you were as obnoxious as you are at 7am. Maybe you’re just obnoxious and it has nothing to do with chronotypes. Maybe that’s why we are really rude and don’t respond well to you. Thank goodness not every morning person acts like an obnoxious, cheer leading twat first thing in the morning. I firmly believe the night people would have killed you off years ago if that were the case. They would have used night attacks. You wouldn’t have stood a chance. I can hear the Banshee shrieking to wake you up right before you die. Oh wait, that’s you cheerleading the rise of the sun.

I worked the late shifts in retail for years because of my chronotype. I loved the hours. I would currently be keeping those hours except my 10 year old has school. I look forward to the time when I no longer have to get my son to school so that I can look for another job where I can get sleep again. Life is better with sleep!!! My grandmother was a night person and so is my son. Hopefully, I can help my son find a career that suits his chronotype. There are a lot of career choices available now involving non traditional work hours. Our movement has begun.…..


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