How Giving Everyone a Participation Trophy Destroyed a Generation

The feminist movement was originally focused on equal pay for a woman doing the exact same job as a man and for equal employment opportunities based on abilities. Over the years it has mutated into everyone is the same and we all deserve the same. No we aren’t and no we don’t. That’s ridiculous. The participation trophies and the mentality of there are no winners or losers that was taught to the millennials in schools stemmed from the feminist and socialist movements. I am on the fence as to whether or not the feminist movement has brought about a socialist mind set or whether socialists saw an opportunity and took advantage of the direction the feminist movement was turning. Either way, here we are. A large number of unhappy millennials, along with a portion of other generations, who have zero idea how to be happy and achieve success in life. A large portion of our society thinks they are entitled to free everything, equality in everything and complete sameness. A more completely, utterly boring and nonmotivating world I cannot imagine. It breeds unhappiness. Yes, I am 100 percent for a free market. I am also for a distribution of power and breaking up large corporations or monopolies when they inhibit free enterprise. When they’re too large, they become motivated by their own power and turn completely corrupt. Governments, churches, corporations, and people in general should not hold too much power. It’s detrimental to society.

The reality of life is that we are all different. People are born with their own set of natural abilities and desires. In order to be successful, we have to identify who and what we are as we grow up. This continues our entire lives. When we decided to give everyone a participation trophy, we killed the desire to better ourselves, learn how to compete with others, and identify the things we are naturally good at and want to nurture. We didn’t teach our children to lose. We taught them everything is fair. The reality is that there are winners and losers in every situation. Very few things are fair. In order to be happy as adults, we have to learn how to deal with disappointments and inequities. We appreciate nothing when it’s all given to us for free with no work or effort. We don’t value anything. Why should we? It’s all free.

When our parents were young, they didn’t expect to graduate from college or start their first job and be able to afford the type of house their parent’s owned. They understood that you live in the tiny apartment or you have roommates to help pay bills when you first begin your adult life. Realistically, your value as a new employee at a new job is not as high as a tenured, experienced employee. You don’t have the knowledge and experience yet. You don’t get the pay yet. You have to earn it. You have to put in the work, grow and learn. You aren’t entitled to anything except for pay for the value you personally bring to the table. You may be bringing more or less value than the person doing the same job as you sitting at the next desk. This is why pay raises are usually based on work performance. This is why one person gets promoted over another. New employees often are bringing higher energy levels and new ideas to the table. You have value when you’re just beginning a career. But your value is different and not as high as a tenured employee. You have to learn and earn that place. Happiness and feelings of accomplishment, self worth, and self assurance are gained through working for and towards the earning of the trophy. We learn to redirect ourselves if we are off our true path when we lose. OR we learn how to get better and win. We don’t give up. We change our course, learn, practice, grow, and achieve by NOT always getting the trophy. We shouldn’t always get a trophy. We aren’t supposed to start out with everything in life that we want. It’s not supposed to be free. It’s not a bad thing to live in a tiny apartment or have a lot of roommates when we are first starting out. It makes us work harder and take care of the things we gain throughout our life. We are supposed to have wants. We aren’t supposed to have what we want. You should only get the trophy when you wanted the trophy bad enough to earn the trophy. We need the want.


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