Tiny Houses and Camping: Things I Do Not Get

Yes, tiny houses and camping are the same topic of conversation.

I grew up on a farm in rural America. My son and I now live in a 1681 square foot home in a small town on .25 acres. It’s a corner lot with an averaged sized yard for a small town. The house was estimated to have been built in 1900. The land deed office doesn’t even know. They have records the main house was present in the year 1900. In short, I live in an old farmhouse that was built who knows when. It has a small “tiny house” back behind that was probably a cook house originally. Possibly it was a slave or servants quarters. No one knows. It still has the original plaster walls and wood floor which was at some point covered in tile. The vent for a cooking stove remains in the wall. The hand pump to draw water is still intact with the pipe leading down into the cellar underneath. It’s possible this was the original house before the two story house we live in was built. It has two windows and at some point a one car garage was added to the side of it with one big roof over the structure. My backyard still has the water cistern and pump. It hasn’t worked for years but it’s a really neat conversation piece in my backyard. These are little pieces of a mysterious history.

Back to the tiny house….even 120 or more years ago, they built A BIGGER ONE in which to live. My tiny house is as big or bigger than a lot of tiny homes that are all the rage now and cost more than my entire property including the BIGGER HOUSE! There are tiny homes that can be built for advertized prices like $4,000. Typically those are in backyards around here used as playhouses for children. An adult wouldn’t live in one.

As I said, I grew up on a farm. We had cattle, sheep and farmland. Pastures don’t have bathrooms and electricity. They have bugs, critters, and snakes. There is no climate control. Relieve yourself behind a tree or the pick up door if you have to go. Check for snakes first.

Camping as a vacation? Ummmm………. OK, if you took the tiny home up to the mountains and put it in the woods complete with running water, a bathroom, and climate control, I’m all in. You should just call it a cabin. It should be made of logs with a real woodburning stove. The only other acceptable camping option for a night or two are those new tents that have beds and a private toilet and shower. Possibly the clear tents to look at the sky for a night would be fun. All out camping, you can keep it.

Actually buying or building a tiny home to live in a city? No, thank you. It’s definitely not for me.


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