My Dysphoria Regarding Gender Dysphoria

Merriam-Webster defines dysphoria as a state of feeling very unhappy, uneasy, or dissatisfied. The DSM-5 updated it’s classification of Gender Identity Disorder to Gender Dysphoria to eliminate stigma for people who believe they are a different sex than their designated gender. This causes me dysphoria. I’m feeling very unhappy, uneasy and dissatisfied with the PC, woke, complete loss of rational thought culture. I’m normally very supportive of the LGBT culture. For the most part, who you date etc., has nothing to do with me. Why should I care? Maybe I should care, but I don’t. Not even a little bit. At work, I only care that you do your job. You don’t tell me who to date and I don’t tell you who to date. What’s the problem? You’ve lost me on this new transgender movement. I’m a whole new level of dysphoric ALMOST but not quite as badly affected as the so FAR LEFT you have left the planet crowd.

If you’re an adult, I don’t care if you choose to have transgender surgery, what gender you wish to be called, or what terminology you choose to use. Don’t, however, expect me to know how you wish to be addressed. I’m not a mind reader. Don’t expect me to call you woman of the year just because you had transgender surgery and are taking hormones. That does not make you woman of the year. It doesn’t make you a woman. Why would it make you woman of the year? You don’t know what a woman is. You don’t know what it means to be a woman. All you did was change your outward appearance to match your dysphoria. Many of you elect to keep your penis. If you genuinely believe you’re a woman, you would not keep your penis. If you are a woman who transgenders to a man, because you truly believe you’re a man, the first thing you would do is have a hysterectomy. It would not be breast removal. That’s about appearance only. No woman on the planet enjoys menstruating. That’s for reproduction. There’s no reason to keep your uterus and ovaries if you really believe yourself to be a man. Being pregnant and having a baby is an integral part of what makes a woman a woman. Yes, there are women who cannot or choose not to have children. Most women who cannot have children, but wish to, feel an emotional loss. You’re lying to yourselves. You are having irreversible surgeries for appearances only. You are not changing yourself from one gender or sex to the other. If you already believe yourself to be the opposite gender of the one matching your body, why does your appearance even matter? Dress as the opposite gender and present yourself as such. You can’t change your DNA and bone structure and you’re not even leaving behind the most basic functions which are the reproductive ones. You’re lying. I’m not saying you’re lying on purpose. I’m saying you’re lying to yourself. If your physical body, DNA, bone and muscular structure do not dictate which gender you are, then why are you having surgery? Because, you know that your physical body does dictate your gender. That’s the only answer left. You want to appear how you feel. You have completed the medical version of putting on a new suit or dress. That’s all you have done. Happiness comes from within not from our outward appearance. But at the end of the day, that’s your choice. I don’t think I should have to pay your insurance bill for your choice. I don’t think you should be discriminated against as far as employment is concerned. I certainly don’t hate you or bear you any ill will. I’m just not inclined to humor your dysphoria.

Where I really feel dysphoric is when you direct your choices at minors. I understand there are many gay, lesbian, and bisexual adults who grew up in households that were difficult to say the least because of their sexuality. Encouraging acceptance of attractions is not the same thing as encouraging surgery and medication. Attractions can change over time. Surgeries and the effects of hormones are permanent. There are de-transitioning surgeries but you can’t replace original sexual reproductive organs that work. They’re gone forever because of an adult’s choice. That is child abuse on the most horrific level. If you’re talking about grade school children or younger, you should be in jail. I have to question if this isn’t partly population control. Margaret Sanger was instrumental in the development of birth control pills and abortions as part of population control and genocide for black people. She is a heroine of the far left. These children undergoing surgeries will never be having children of their own. How can you possibly rationalize taking away that choice from children? If a child chooses to dress as the opposite sex or behave as the opposite sex, I’m perfectly fine with that. They can still make their own choices when they’re older. Children change their minds on a daily basis. They have no idea who and what they are or will become. That’s part of growing up.

Sports. Dysphoria is in my rearview mirror on this subject. Men don’t belong in women’s sports. Women don’t belong in men’s sports. If you have the bone structure, musculature structure, and developed with male hormones, you do not belong on the women’s sports team. You are not a woman. You are a bully. Nothing more. Why should our girls be physically beat up because of your dysphoria? You are selfish. You do not understand sportsmanship. Get off the field. We need a separate category for transgender sports. I would support a separate category one hundred percent. I would watch and support the transgender players. I think our girls and women should begin walking off the field. It’s the only way to end this nonsense. But hey, why should transgender women care about girls and women? Why should they care if there are injuries etc.? See my point? You don’t know what it means to be a woman or a girl because you aren’t one and you’re proving it daily in sporting events.


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