Compassion and Empathy Are Why We Should Close the US Mexican Border

According to the US Customs Border Protection website, 977,509 people have been apprehended in the past calendar year illegally crossing the southwest border. Those are just the ones we apprehended. This also does not include people who cross legally, overstay their visas, and disappear. To say that we don’t have a crises is sheer insanity.

The Polaris Project ranked the United States as “one of the world’s worst places for human trafficking in 2018”. According to the Women’s Center, the estimate for trafficked victims into the US is 18-20,000/year. The Mexican state of Tlaxcala has been identified as the biggest source of sex slaves to the US. In 2015, five out of 10 of Homeland Security’s “most wanted” sex traffickers were from Tenancingo, in Tlaxcala. There were estimates that one in 10 people from Tenancingo were involved in trafficking. These are all direct quotes from the following link:

We have drugs, human trafficking, and gang members crossing our border from Mexico. We have tent cities across the US housing emigrants with plans of building more. We have diseases cropping up that have previously been all but eradicated in the US. Whom are we protecting and helping? No one. How bad does it have to be for people to pay a coyote to smuggle them across the border? Based on my conversations with our local population of emigrants, both legal and those in the process of becoming legal, the drug cartels have taken over most areas in Mexico and much of the country is no longer safe to inhabit or even visit. By not fully protecting our border we are failing the US, Mexico, and any other country such as Guatemala who has illegal immigrants crossing into the US. We are failing our own country by allowing drugs, cartels, gang members, trafficked people, and convicted criminals to enter the US. The human traffickers and cartels are making loads of money in the US and are coming and going pretty freely. We don’t even have any accurate figures or estimates on the amount of income made from drugs, sex slaves, and other types of human trafficking. Nor do we have any reliable estimates as to the total number of victims. Most people can understand how we are failing our own country.

Here is how we are failing the countries our immigrants are fleeing. By not fully protecting our border, we are financially fueling all of their crimes. We are the buyers. Without the US, the cartels and human traffickers would not have their current income. At the end of the day, everything is always about money and power. We are their biggest source of income. Financially crippling these people is the quickest way to end this. We do that by protecting our border. We don’t know at this point if a semi full of women and children crossing the border is a semi full of people coming here for a better life or a semi full of sex trafficked women and children. If the border is fully protected, we would have the ability to better vet immigrants and put them into a legal process to become citizens, have jobs, and an actual place to live. We would know who is moving here and we do have assistance programs to help them.

I think you can bank on the cartels and traffickers attacking the border if it’s actually secured. The Mexican government is essentially held hostage to them right now. We might actually have to send the military into Mexico to resolve the mess before it’s all said and done, but it is in our own best interests and those of the honest people living there who just want a chance for a better life. Why is it that we will send our military to the other side of the world for oil and human rights violations but we won’t address what is in our own backyard? Build the wall already with our military manning it and stop this before our cities turn into Mexican cities. The cartels are already here. The drug routes and trafficking routes are marked. What possible reason do they have to not extend their territory? None at all. We are on our way to becoming the country these people are trying to flee. We are helping no one by doing nothing.

The big question of the day is who is profiting in the US by keeping the border unsecured? That’s what you need to ask yourself when you hear politicians resisting a secured border. What’s the financial benefit to them? They’re selling their stance as compassion but it’s not. They’re using an emotional argument to line their own pockets. They’re using it to get reelected and aren’t doing anything to get rid of tent cities in their own backyards. I find it hard to believe that people flying a Mexican flag in our country want to live in a tent city. Have you asked yourself if the help they need isn’t actually in their own country and not ours. Most of our local emigrants where I live own land and businesses in Mexico. They didn’t want to leave it. They don’t want to live here. They will and they are but they want to go home. It’s not hard to verify that human and drug trafficking into the US is big business. We have dirty politicians on both sides of the aisle. We are literally financing the cartels and traffickers. We need to help ourselves and the people south of our border. We start with a secured border wall.


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