Simple Request From a Resident of a Flyover State: PLEASE KEEP FLYING OVER

I have visited or worked in 33 states and have lived in three. I am a resident of a flyover state. When I say please keep flying over, I mean it sincerely. Do not stop. Do not visit. Do not drive through. Fly right on over. If you wish to flee your city or state and live someplace where people are a little less extreme and a little more concerned with raising their children and enjoying their lives in peace, then take a drive on Route 66 or any other highway crossing the US, find a spot you like, and just stay. People do it all the time. Really they do. It always amazes me when people show up in an old beat up, barely running vehicle with their kids and say we need a job and a place to live. It happens. If you look up the crime statistics for the County in which I live, murder, forcible rape, and robbery are zero. Yes, zero. Let that sink in. This is farm and ranch country. Everyone owns and carries multiple guns. Everyone knows how to use them. We grew up around and with guns in our hands. We respect them, and understand how to use and take care of them. You can bet your ass, we will shoot a home invader. We will shoot to kill and we won’t miss. It’s always some kind of hunting season. If it’s not anything we want to hunt, there’s a coyote in the calving pen needing shot or a rattlesnake on the porch. We won’t feel bad about it either. Anyone living here knows there are consequences to your actions. Too dumb to live. That’s the saying around here. We all know you don’t play with or point a gun at a person (empty or loaded) unless you intend to kill them. We don’t believe in killing someone unless it’s in self defense or defense of our family or our country. We support, believe in and will defend the 2nd Amendment. It was written to protect us from tyranny not to enable us to hunt. A well regulated militia means well trained. That’s the terminology of the time period in which it was written. We have many military families. We won’t give up our guns. That’s non negotiable. The state of Oklahoma now has open carry. It just took effect. The US Government doesn’t even know how many guns are individually owned in our country. They know we have more guns than we do people. Any figure other than that is just a guess. How do you think you’re going to take all of those unregistered guns when you don’t know who has them or where they are? You register one gun to shoot a home invader or to protect your family. If asked in a doctors office “Do you own a gun?”, the answer is no. I think most people in rural areas know this. Most people in flyover cities understand and live by those rules too. Most of us do believe in capital punishment. Consequences to your actions! We don’t want your gang members, your drugs, your sex trafficking and your crimes. Men open doors for women and change flat tires. They know we are capable of doing it ourselves. They do it for us to be nice. We say thank you. Most of us go to church on Saturday or Sunday. No, we aren’t all white, straight, or even English speaking. We believe in closed borders. We don’t want your criminals. We do want your legal immigrants who want to move here, work, and contribute to society. We have families from Mexico who have lived here for several generations. They are a part of our community and we appreciate them. We have numerous German Mennonites from Mexico immigrating here currently. They gain their citizenship and are wonderful friends and neighbors. They speak German and Spanish as their primary languages. They move here to have a better life and escape the drug cartels and gangs in Mexico. Why would they want the border open so that the drug cartels and gangs can follow them here? They don’t. The Mexicans who came here and are now Americans by gaining their citizenship do not want open borders either. It completely defeats the purpose of leaving Mexico. Common sense should tell you this. If a battered wife wants to leave her husband, do you invite them both to sleep on your sofa? No, because that would be stupid. An open border is the same concept. So please, keep flying over. It improves our lives greatly. We actually still love our country and our neighbors regardless of religion, sex, age, sexual orientation, disability, or race. Most of us will vote for Trump again in 2020.

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