“Come and Take IT”: The New Social Media Pinup Girl Wannabe

The Republican Party has once again proven itself to be the leader in objectifying women, selling sex, and further proving the hypocrisy of the religious right. They’re definatily pulling ahead in the race to completely stamp out any self esteem or self worth the millenial woman might have accidentally found. Our second amendment right to bear arms is at stake. Their answer is millennial women posing online with AR-15s trying to get laid. The only thing these women’s come and take it memes and t-shirts are talking about is sex. Everyone understands these are nothing but pick-up photos.

We all like to look at hot men or women. That’s human nature. Sex sells. That’s a fact. Unfortunately, this online photo campaign has nothing to do with selling the second amendment. It’s purely men looking at pics of hot women that are accessible to friend, email, stalk etc. It’s just more men online looking for sex. That’s it.

It’s dangerous for women posting these pics online that are obviously just to attract men. They’re being told they’re empowered and tough when they’re shown with a pic of an AR-15. They’re believing that because they fired an AR-15 a couple of times with a guy and took a pic that they’re tough and can take care of themselves. They’re wrong. They’re putting themselves in danger. They aren’t going to have the AR-15 on them when they meet their online stalker. If they even know how to use the gun in the first place. If you wanted to empower women, you would teach them how to use a handgun they can carry with them, teach them how to use a rifle and hunt, and teach them not to believe their only value is in looking and acting like a hooker. There is no good message coming from these pics. I understand the AR-15 is the gun the Democrats have focused on to remove from the general public first. I get that but this is not the answer. Online sex and sex fantasies for men are not going to protect our second amendment right. The republican men and women better grow up and start taking this seriously before our right to bear arms is gone. This is the religious right. Good job.

Since my original posting, Beto has announced that he is dropping out of the presidential race. Do not be foolish enough to believe that our second amendment right is safe. Every Democrat in the running has a plan to eventually eliminate gun ownership from the general population. Socialism works best with only the government and elites owning guns. Elizabeth Warren’s plan is to tax gun purchases 30 percent and add higher taxes on ammunition. Yes, social programs need the tax dollars so it is in part about funding but that isn’t the endgame. Beto was nothing more than a litmus test for the DNC to see how quickly gun ownership can be eliminated. It’s a pretty brilliant plan in some respects. While people are out celebrating how they’ve defeated this nonsense, the other candidates are free to raise taxes, make gun ownership more difficult, and erode the 2nd amendment all while the right celebrates. Do not believe the fight is over. It’s just moved towards a different field of play.


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