Katie Hill

I am a fan of Ben Shapiro and The Daily Mail for the most part and not a big fan of Aljazeera. However, I think Aljazeera presented an unbiased story. Here is the link for reference. If you have only read The Daily Mail and Ben Shapiro, I suggest you take a look at it.

Shocking photos of Democratic Congresswoman Katie Hill revealed

First of all, the husband is not a victim in this story. This was a three way affair that went on since 2017. The girlfriend is not a victim in this affair. She knew very well what she was doing. There are no victims in this story. It was all engaged in of their own free will.

This is a case of stupidity and immaturity at its finest. Lack of morals and character? Yes. Was the marijuana legal? Probably not.

As a general rule, I could not care less what couples or threesomes, foursomes, etc do in their own personal lives when there really aren’t any victims and everyone is a willing participant. Unless you are an elected public servant representing the American people. Then I care. As a public servant, I believe you have a level of accountability to the American people whom you represent. I believe there is an expectation that you represent the American people in a moral and honest manner. I believe you are accountable for your representation of our country to the rest of the world. I don’t believe Katie Hill has done any of these things. Neither have many of our other elected officials. Drain the swamp.


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