Living in a Dark Comedy

In 1983 a play premiered written by Christopher Durang called “Baby with the Bathwater”. I saw this play performed in the mid 1990s. It is a dark comedy about a young couple who has a baby and are totally unprepared. The first few years they call the baby, Baby. The baby is finally given the name Daisy as a toddler. Daisy is suicidal, depressed and in therapy until Daisy reaches adulthood. Daisy is never really seen throughout the play. Daisy runs into the street as a child in front of fast moving buses etc but is always rescued in the nick of time. Towards the end of the play Daisy enters the stage dressed as a girl but is clearly a boy. He changes his name and spends five years in college trying to complete his freshman essay. The play ends with him and his new wife and their baby. They are determined not to make their parent’s mistakes. Extremely funny play!

Here we are in 2019 seeing this play unfold in real life throughout the country. Only this time not as a dark comedy. I cannot help but think that some of these parents who are pushing gender fluidity and reassignment onto children are really only refusing to deal with their own issues. I cannot help but question whether the recent court case ruling in Dallas, TX preventing the father of a 7 year old boy from stopping the chemical castration of his own son isn’t a case in point. This 7 year old boy reportedly dresses as a girl when with his mother and acts like a girl but dresses and acts as a boy when with his father. Clearly, this child is being influenced in opposite directions by both parents. 7 year old children being split between two parents often act differently in the two households. The child is trying to please the parent they are with. It’s normal. A 7 year old has no concept of the consequences long term of hormone therapy. Medically, we really don’t know either. Women can’t even stay on birth control hormones indefinitely due to health risks such as strokes, blood clots and heart attacks. But we are fine with starting a 7 year old on hormones when they aren’t medically necessary? These are medical experiments at best. A 7 year old might decide he or she wants to be an elephant next week. No matter how this ends, this child will have lasting issues emotionally and in all likelihood physically. What are we doing? As a nation, this isn’t going to end well. What is really disturbing is the push across the nation from the Democrats to enable child welfare and school counselors to become involved in these cases and be able to over-ride parent’s wishes with the assistance of a medical expert. How much money are these medical experts making off of these cases? How much money is big pharma going to make? Oh look….a new patient. Well, sure they meet the DSM V criteria for gender dysphoria. Gender dysphoria has recently been redefined in the DSM V due to lobbying from the LGBT community. It now has a broader definition with a goal of being covered by more insurance companies. You can google DSM V and read the previous and updated versions online. To me, the new definition is very disturbing and broad.


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