Gay Marriage and the Church

I support gay marriage. I do not support the left’s ideology of forcing churches to perform these marriages.

Healthy societies are promoted by long term monogamous relationships and rearing children in stable homes. I don’t believe you can change a gay person into being attracted to or intimate with a person of the opposite sex and being happy anymore than you can change a straight person into being gay. Usually it’s simply not a choice. I have several gay friends who were married and had children and were miserable the entire time as were their spouses. They were trying to be something society told them to be and not who they truly are. Most of them have great relationships with their exes and are great parents with kids who have turned out well. Most of them are now in long-term relationships with a partner of their own sex. They’re happy, their kids are happy, they aren’t out having sex with multiple partners. They have good jobs, stable homes, and great kids. So yes, I support gay marriage as a legal and spiritual union.

The Bible is specific that marriage comes from God and is between a man and a woman and is permanent. Religion is not an inclusive and tolerant thing. You follow the teachings of the church you attend, find another church or religion more in line with your personal interpretation of the bible (by this I mean change from Baptist to Methodist for example), or you aren’t saved. God’s Word is followed. A believer believes their eternal soul is at stake. They will not rewrite God’s Word for current societal and cultural movements. Having said that, there are churches in the US who will perform gay marriages. They would rather bring people into the church and lead them to God than turn them away. People are willing to die for their religion and their eternal soul throughout the world. No amount of political pressure or taxes or anything else will sway a truly religious person to perform a gay marriage if it is against their belief. The government does not have the right or ability to govern churches. Churches do not have to and most will not perform a gay marriage. It’s your choice whether or not to be a member of a church and follow it’s teachings. Churches in the US cannot require people to attend and become members. Non members cannot dictate what a church teaches and believes or force them to perform gay marriages. Some churches won’t even perform interfaith marriages.

If the democrats keep pushing churches, the result will be a bunch of religious people changing the laws and no longer legally recognizing gay marriages. The latest statistics I read are that over 70 percent of the US identifies as some form of Protestant or Catholic. These are the people who voted to legalize gay marriages in the US. Think about that before you act the fool and try to pass laws governing religious beliefs. It’s not going to end well.

Historically, churches have changed their interpretation of the Bible over time. For example, inter-racial marriages. However, a recurrent theme of the Bible involves marriage, procreation, and children. There are very specific verses teaching homosexuality is a sin. I wouldn’t hold my breath that most churches are going to change their interpretation of whether or not gay marriages are acceptable anytime soon if ever. It’s pretty black and white.


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