God’s Word is THE Truth

I’m not arguing that God’s word is the truth. However, this phrase is now used to end any argument when the religious right has run out of talking points. Here is the problem. To which church does the speaker of this phrase belong? Every separate religion interprets the Word of God (The Bible) differently. Hence, the many different protestant religions and the rift in the Roman Catholic Church. If you dare to ask which translation or church the speaker belongs, be prepared for a venomous speech either on it doesn’t matter or their church is correct and everyone else is on the short bus to the underworld. It does matter. We all believe and interpret the Bible, or anything else we read for that matter, through our own personal filter. That’s why some of us go to the Lutheran Church, some to the Methodist Church, or the First Baptist Church to name a few.

Next follows the argument that God’s Word has not changed. Again, I’m not arguing that it has. However, every religion has changed how the Bible is interpreted and put into practice in our daily lives throughout history. This in itself proves that my previous point of the Bible is read, understood, and interpreted differently depending on our personal filters and the personal filters of church leaders. We only have to go back to the 1960s to see churches forbidding inter-racial marriages between black and white people. God’s Word.

Politicians and world leaders have known for centuries that the best way to control any population is to influence or control whatever religion is the most populous or wealthy in the region. Our right wing republicans are guilty of using and twisting God’s Word right now in our country. Beware of bible verses being quoted out of context or political leaders using religion as an emotional influence for your vote.


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