Gender Identity from a 10 year old’s perspective.

My son turns 10 in a few days. He’s in fourth grade. He came bouncing downstairs last night and plopped his butt into the recliner next to mine. Invariably, this means he has something he wants to talk about. Last night it was gender identity. He started with “Mom, why do people think they can change what gender they are? They can’t. If you’re born a boy, don’t you have a different t-cell or something? You can add boobs but you can’t change your cells. That’s just stupid.” I explained the x and y chromosomes to him. Then he said “Isn’t your skeleton different too? I watched a youtube video about skeletons scientists dug up and they can tell if they’re male or female.” So I told him the differences in the hip bones, ribs, etc. That led to a discussion on testosterone, estrogen, pro-estrogen, muscle development and puberty. His next question was “When am I going to hit puberty because the other boys are telling me it’s bad?” I informed him that his voice is already lower and starting to crack, he stinks like a teenager when he sweats, and his face is breaking out. Game on dude.

Usually at this point he is done talking and wanders off. Last night he sat there and watched tv with me for a little while. I know he’s not done talking. He’s processing internally. It’s what he does. The tv show I was watching had people practicing a play and a kid who is transgender. First question, “Do the actors practicing the play doing the kiss love each other in real life?” “No, they’re just acting.” He then informs me that he will never be in a play involving kissing because he isn’t going to kiss someone he doesn’t love. And by the way, there are several girls who have crushes on him but he isn’t interested in a girlfriend yet. He would rather PLAY ON THE XBOX. His last question “Why does anyone think that transgender girl on the tv show is a boy? She’s not.” Then he went back to the xbox.

A child can understand that people can’t really change from one sex to the other. They can only change their outward appearance. Why is this so difficult for the liberals to comprehend?

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